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Mission & Vision of Hospice Muskoka


Hospice Muskoka's mission is to walk with people on their palliative care journey.


A community where everyone we serve has access to the best quality palliative and end-of-life experience.



Inclusion and Dive
We are committed to inclusion, diversity, justice, equity, and accessibility. We strive to be an organization that is reflective of the needs of the community we serve.

Accountability and Integrity
We accept responsibility for our actions and honour the commitments we have made. We maintain the highest ethical and moral standards in accordance with professional standards of practice and accreditation in all our activities.

Compassion and Empathy
We act with kindness, consideration, and care. We seek to understand people’s wishes and address them with compassion and empathy.

Respect and Dignity
We believe in the inherent worth of people and will honour our relationships with those who invite us to share in their lives. Respect is measured by how we treat each other, by the contributions that flow from our diversity, by the productivity of our relationships, and by the job well done, no matter what the job. We treat others with the highest degree of respect, dignity, and professionalism.

We achieve excellence by delivering the highest quality service, using evidence-based approaches, to meet the needs of the people we serve.

We work with health system partners to enhance transitions of care and develop collaborative strategies to improve people’s experiences. We work within the full scope of professional practice for all designations and provide an environment that supports continued employee and volunteer development.

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