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Letters of Support

Support Hospice Muskoka by advocating for funding

Hospices work tirelessly, relying on donations and grants to provide essential services. Help us advocate for  adequate funding from the government. Together we can ensure all Ontarian’s have access to the palliative and end-of-life care they deserve.

Click the button below to access a letter template created for writing to Minister Jones, urging for increased funding.

Hospice Muskoka had a recent opportunity to tour our MPP, Graydon Smith, around Andy’s House and talk with him about the great work we are doing in our community. He strongly believes that the help we provide at Andy’s House and in the community is essential, and that funding from the government should be increased to preserve current operations. He was also interested in hearing our vision for the expansion programs and services that could be realized with additional funding and support.

 Graydon Smith will be working hard on our behalf to help secure provincial funding,

but he (and we) could use your help.

If you, a family member, or friend have been helped by Hospice Muskoka – either at Andy’s House or through our community services – he is asking you to write a letter of support explaining how Hospice helped, and why it is an important part of our community.

Having these letters of support will aid MPP Smith in this mission to secure funding for the future of Hospice Muskoka.

Send your letter to:

MPP Graydon Smith,

230 Manitoba Street,

Bracebridge, ON


Or complete the contact form on the MPP website below

Graydon Smith.png

HM Board Chair, John Sisson; HM Board Member, Doug Crichton; MPP Graydon Smith; HM Executive Director, Donna Kearney

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