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Host Your Own Fundraiser

Thank you for your interest in holding your own fundraiser in support of Hospice Muskoka 


We are delighted that you have chosen to support our work at Andy’s House and in the communities of South and West Muskoka.

Unlike fundraising campaigns hosted by Hospice Muskoka, third party fundraisers are planned and run by volunteer individuals, businesses, or community groups who are passionate about supporting our organization.

How to Plan Your Fundraiser

It is the responsibility of the event organizer to plan and carry out the fundraiser of choice. Hospice Muskoka is happy to provide planning advice and expertise to help you get started!

1. Come up with an appropriate name for your fundraiser

2. Select a date and venue to hold your fundraiser

3. Create an event budget, with an estimate of revenues and expenses

4. Ascertain who your audience will be

5. Decide how you will tell them about your fundraiser

6. Send in your completed Third Party Fundraiser Application Form at least two weeks prior to your fundraiser

Download the form below to complete and return by email to:

Your Responsibilities

As the event organizer, you are responsible for planning and running your fundraiser of choice. This means that you are responsible for any of the following:

  • Sourcing volunteers to organize and run the fundraiser

  • Preparing and mailing any thank you letters

  • Displaying/storing fundraiser materials

  • Purchasing/selling tickets or products.

  • Sending completed press release to media sources

  • Requesting or holding any type of license/permit, including raffle licenses

If you need to sell tickets for an event, Canada Helps has all the tools to help you create the set up – and the funds will go directly to Hospice Muskoka, so you don’t have to worry about collecting them.

How Can We Help?

For approved Third-Party fundraisers, Hospice Muskoka will assist with social media and website promotion. We also have a template for a press release if you want to alert the media of your work.

  • Staff members to run the fundraiser

  • Reimbursement for expenses

  • A list of previous donors for the purpose of soliciting support/sponsorship/funds

  • Support for events that are not in line with the mission, vision and values of Hospice Muskoka

For Third-Party fundraisers Hospice Muskoka is unable to provide:

Logo Use

The Hospice Muskoka logo is a registered trademark and use of our logo is only allowed with extended permission. 

Use of the logo is limited to the approved fundraiser only.


Our Hospice Muskoka logo will be attached to your approved email in .png format. Do not use logos found on the internet. 

Charitable Donation (Tax) Receipts

A charitable donation (tax) receipt is given to people who make a personal donation to a registered charity. The donation must be made directly to Hospice Muskoka (i.e. writing their cheques out to Hospice Muskoka) and without personal return.

Things including, but not limited to sponsorship, admission tickets, raffle tickets or silent auction purchases are not eligible for a tax receipt. All qualifying cash donations of $20.00 or more are eligible for receipts. Donations “in-kind” (an item or service) may not be receipt-able.

Tax receipts cannot be processed by Hospice Muskoka unless the event organizer remits the funds. Processing tax receipts can take 4-6 weeks after the donation has been received through our administrative office. To properly process a tax receipt we require that all necessary information is provided three weeks following the event

We require the following information from the donor following the event:

1. Donor’s name

2. Donor’s address (including postal code)

3. Email

4. Donor’s telephone number

5. Amount of donation

6. The actual donation (cash, cheque or credit card number)

Hospice Muskoka prohibits any of our third-party fundraisers from telemarketing and/or conducting door-to-door solicitations. Any event proposals using these methods will not be approved or supported. Hospice Muskoka reserves the right to choose not to affiliate with any event where fundraising does not support the mission, vision and values of Hospice Muskoka.

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