We'll Be There


When families are faced with end-of-life care decisions, Hospice Muskoka is available every step along the way.

It all starts with a simple phone call. Our Client Services Coordinator will be happy to speak with you to discuss your needs and make an appointment to meet at your convenience whether it is in your home, long term care residence, retirement home or hospital. Based on your needs, a volunteer will be matched with you to provide ongoing support, free of charge.


Hospice Muskoka receives referrals from health care providers, clergy, social workers, caregivers, friends and family. The National Standard for Hospice Palliative Care recommends palliative care support any time after diagnosis of a life-threatening illness to assist individuals and their families as they adjust to their diagnosis, treatment protocol, and if treatment outcomes do not alter the course of the illness.

Clients may also include those who may have entered the final quadrant of a chronic disease or individuals who are failing to thrive because of age, illness, or overall frailty and are at extreme risk. Community Hospices often become involved when there is a palliative prognosis of one year or less.

Residential Hospices are considered best for end-of-life care with a provincial average of 15 – 21 days.

There are several grief support programs for all ages that help participants come to terms with their loss, develop coping strategies, and enable them to rebuild their lives with hope and healing.

Caregiver support is a major focus of the services we provide ranging from emotional support to respite care. However, friends, families, neighbours, coworkers, members of our faith communities and social organizations may want to help but may not step forward because they do not know what to do or what to say. We may assist caregivers to coordinate an informal care giving team that meets their unique needs.


Client Services Coordinator – Michele de Koning

Please call our office at 705-646-1697 and your contact information will be passed on to Michele to contact you within 48 hours of your request for information.