1:00 pm13:00

Life Forum - Community Education and Information

Key Note Presenter - Rev Rauni Salminen                       
Co-founder and CEO of Emily’s House, Toronto’s first and only pediatric palliative care hospice, has been recognized by the Order of Saint Lazarus with a prestigious Member of Merit award.                                 

She will share her passion and vision for End of Life Supportive Care which is a critical piece in meeting the spiritual needs of the client and their families. Choosing Hospice Palliative care earlier can have a profound impact on Quality and Quantity of Life. When is the ideal time to have those conversations? 

Afterwards, our Panel will Discuss Standards of Care from their areas of expertise.  You will gain a clearer view of roles and critical resources available to help you navigate Palliative/Hospice/End of Life supportive care in your community. They will use disease trajectories for a variety of palliative diagnosis to discuss the ideal referral, active treatment through to pain and symptom management.  You will learn about a variety of tools currently in place to help you understand palliative illnesses and ultimately make sound medical plans for care and decisions. PPS (palliative performance scale), ESAS(Edmonton symptom assessment) and EDITH(Expected Death in the Home)

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Hospice Muskoka - Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon
12:00 pm12:00

Hospice Muskoka - Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Presenter - Peter Jennings
Author of "Why Being Happy Matters"  Peter will share his research after having interviewed 37 people from around the world on the subject of happiness (including seven international PhDs who are studying happiness). Being Happy: How people who have had tragedy in their lives continue to maintain a positive outlook. Can we continue to find hope when faced with a life-limiting illness?

Please RSVP by April 10th, 2018 via email or phone (705-646-1697). Spaces Limited



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