Visiting Hospice Volunteer Program


Supporting You Wherever You Call Home

Hospice Muskoka’s Visiting Volunteer program can provide you and your family social, emotional, and practical support within the comfort of your home – whether that is in the community, a retirement home, long term care residence or even hospital. Our volunteers visit regularly to provide companionship and a listening ear along with an opportunity for family caregivers to feel comfortable taking a much needed break. Often caregivers will schedule appointments or run errands during this time. Sometimes, the caregiver can maintain their social and recreational networks while the volunteer is at home or even take a rest or complete household chores. Our volunteers are great companions but can also assist with preparing a small snack, letter writing, take care of a beloved pet, play cards, games or read to the individual – whatever is required for your loved one to feel comfortable. Conversation is not required if the individual would rather rest.

The volunteers of Hospice Muskoka are thoroughly screened and trained in Visiting Hospice Palliative Care. The most import aspect of what makes a good fit with Hospice Muskoka is their passion for the work and their love of people!

Wherever possible, the Client Services Coordinator will aim for matching one volunteer to each family so there is opportunity to build trust and get to know one another really well. If your care needs are more significant, another volunteer will be sought.

You, your family members, your neighbours and friends, your church community or your doctor, nurse, personal support worker or social worker may refer Hospice Muskoka to contact you as long as you have given your permission.

The purpose of our volunteers is not always what they can do, but rather how they can be present.


Client Services Coordinator-

Michele de Koning -
Please call our office at 705-646-1697 and your contact information will be passed on to Michele to contact you within 48 hours of your request for information.