Idea for Aviva Community Fund has been accepted - voting starts September 25th.

Please vote for our Aviva Community Fund Idea (see details below)


Hospice Muskoka’s Idea to the Aviva Community Fund has been accepted which is very exciting and an excellent opportunity.

We entered an idea for our Program The Tuning Fork - A Grief & Loss Support Group for Children and Youth.

The Tuning Fork” program is not therapy, but it is therapeutic. It is designed to help children understand their feelings and emotions, to find effective ways of expressing their feelings in a safe environment and encourage play. Just as a tuning fork is used to resonate sound to find a pitch suitable for a piece of music or song, children need to explore different modalities and activities to find solutions to what resonates with them. They need to be able to ask questions and normalize their thoughts and emotions.

Funds from Aviva Community Fund would enable the Youth Grief Coordinator to run an additional 8-week Grief Session for teens in a local High School. Additional volunteer Grief Facilitators would be recruited, screened and trained to run the current & future program. 

The Grief Coordinator would work with a Special Education Teacher to develop a unique electronic grief toolkit & support program which could be signed out by teens in the group for one week. Six iPads would be purchased through the Avia Community Fund.

Our goal is to assist these teens to develop coping mechanisms for loss and grief and moving forward, use these skills to mentor children in up-coming programs through Hospice Muskoka’s program, The Tuning Fork.
The Electronic Support Programs would be adapted for children’s ages & stage development, with teens teaching children to use in weeks between group sessions. This will build long-term resiliency for children, promote positive, healthy & productive life skills for their futures, within a medium familiar to them.

Sandra Holdsworth