Ontario Volunteer Service Awards

At a ceremony on Wednesday, March 28, the Province recognized long-serving volunteers from across Muskoka and Parry Sound at the Ontario Volunteer Service Awards.

Each year, organizations can nominate up to nine volunteers (up to six adults) for five to 65 years of continuous service. Youth (24 years old and younger) are recognized for two or more years of continuous service.

This year, Hospice Muskoka awarded 6 of our volunteers with the Ontario Volunteer Service Award.  Rosamond Abbott and Mary Ann Beaudin for 10 years of service and Kathleen Gurbin, Richard Gurbin, Stephen Drury and Joan Wice for 5 years of service. Congratulations to each of these volunteers for their award.  We thank you and all our volunteers for your dedication and commitment to Hospice Muskoka and our clients.  Without our volunteers we would not be able to help those in the community facing end of life or loss of a loved one.

If you wish to join Hospice Muskoka as a volunteer please check out the Volunteer section on our website.




Sandra Holdsworth