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What we do

The Palliative Approach to Care is a method of providing care that honours the wishes of the person experiencing a life-limiting diagnosis. Hospice staff and volunteers walk beside a person and their loved ones throughout their journey. From the time of diagnosis, staying with them through the palliation period, end-of-life and the grief and bereavement process.

Hospice Muskoka has provided palliative and end-of-life support to residents of South and West Muskoka since 1995 through our outstanding volunteer programs. We have earned the trust of our community and have built a reputation of excellence for service delivery. Over our extensive history, we have formed partnerships with community organizations and local government.

Hospice Muskoka is grateful to the Potts Family Memorial Foundation for partnering with us to construct our palliative care home, called Andy’s House, which opened in October 2020. Andy’s House is available to all residents of Muskoka Lakes, Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, and Georgian Bay Townships, including Wahta First Nation and Moose Deer Point First Nation and, by extension their families. 


Andy’s House is staffed with specialized palliative nurses and Personal Support Workers (PSWs) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to optimize quality of life and dignity to the very last breath. We currently have 8 palliative care rooms, with plans to open a paediatric palliative care room by the end of Summer 2022.

Andy’s House is the first hospice in Ontario to have a Nurse Practitioner (NP) in the role of Most Responsible Provider/Prescriber (MRPP). We have developed a unique model whereby the NP works in partnership with your family doctor or nurse practitioner by sharing of information to provide optimal care during your stay at Andy’s House. The NP is accredited in palliative care and has the expertise required to direct your care through advanced pain and symptom management approaches, specialized assessments and in the on-going planning for medical interventions that may be chosen. Working in partnership with local health care organizations makes transitions through the healthcare system seamless.

Hospice Muskoka also has a Social Worker (SW) specialized in complex Grief and Bereavement Counselling. The SW works in conjunction with other local healthcare organizations to provide wrap around care for the person who is palliating and their loved ones.

Our services

Our Goal

The staff & volunteers at Hospice Muskoka have a desire to change the way people experience death by focusing on quality of life right up to the moment the last breath is taken.

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Service Area

Hospice Muskoka serves over 100,000 residents, encompassing 4 townships and 2 First Nations communities, as well as clients and their families from outside these areas.

Working in partnership with the Cottage Country Family Health Team, Hospice Muskoka utilizes a shared care model and shares electronic medical reports, making transitions through the healthcare system seamless.


Our Community partners

To our community partners and the communities we serve, thank you for your continued support.

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Hospice Muskoka is governed by a Board of Trustees.  Their role is to ensure that the charitable organization functions within the law in accordance with the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act,  Canada Revenue Agency requirements, Labour Laws, Privacy Legislation, and Quality Standards set by various professional bodies and finally, to ensure that the resources are managed efficiently.  The Board determines the strategic direction and ensures policies and procedures are in place to facilitate accreditation and manage risk.

Hospice Muskoka Board of Trustees is committed to upholding the basic principles of good governance:  accountability, leadership, integrity, stewardship and transparency.  Hospice Muskoka currently has 9 Board members who are entrusted with the governance and direction of the organization.

Our board of Directors

Interested in joining the Board?


Email John Sisson at info@hospicemuskoka.com for more information.

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Donna Kearney
Executive Director,

The Executive Director is accountable to the Board of Directors and works to fulfill the Strategic Direction as set by the Board of Directors.



At our Annual General Meeting in Fall 2021, the Board shared its vision for Hospice Muskoka.  The ultimate goal is to expand our palliative services to meet the changing needs of our community.  Step one involved implementing a strong operating framework and incorporating digital platforms to ensure we are well positioned to manage future growth.  Step two includes continuing to pursue funding from the Ministry of Health to open 5 palliative respite beds to address the needs of local residents and healthcare partners.  Step three involves expanding community based services around palliative care supports to include Advanced Care Planning, Legacy work, Home visiting and support and developing a very robust Grief & Bereavement support service for all ages. We remain committed to building new partnerships and seeking creative solutions to overcome barriers, contributing to a system that ensures excellence in palliative and end-of-life care for the residents of Muskoka. 


As we transition through these phases, our staff and volunteers remain committed to providing the highest quality care to honour the wishes of those who have received a life-limiting diagnosis and to provide support for their loved ones.


Over the course of 2022 we will continue to pursue our plans including updating our strategic plan and mission statement to ensure they are consistent with our current needs and long term vision.

Palliative Philosophy of Care


For the year ending March 31st, 2021

For the year ending March 31st, 2021




Donna Kearney

Executive Director, NP, PCFA


Julie Charters

Volunteer Coordinator, RPN

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Sarah Hudson

Clinical Coordinator, RPN

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Nancy Burkholder

Fund Development Coordinator

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Enid Wray

Executive Assistant